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 Looking for writers

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PostSubject: Looking for writers   Wed Oct 22, 2008 5:19 pm

I would like to begin compiling a number of the stories of Haven and I would like a bit of help. The first story Im looking to get done is a bawdy one. It's the misadventures of Tom Noddy which will later be turned into a drinking song. Tom Noddy was a dumb and simple younger brother of a lord that would have loud and raucous sex in his manor. To protect the young boy's innocence they would send him away whenever the lord had sex, which was often. The staff called him a sexile because whenever the lord had sex Tom was exiled from the mansion. Tom then hears of Haven which is a land for exiles and thinks its the place for him. Tom then goes through various misadventures then reaches Haven.

This project also serves a dual purpose. The history of haven will take place in about five or so parts depending on the actual age of the realm. I would like to get a few more writers in for that to both speed up the process and to give the history more than the just the preachy tone I enjoy. I'll randomly have short stories like this to serve as auditions.

Anyone interested?
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Looking for writers
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