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 Haven Constitution v1.2

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Iohn deMar
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PostSubject: Haven Constitution v1.2   Mon Oct 27, 2008 9:32 pm

1.1. Haven shall abide by all applicable federal, state, and local laws.
1.2. Haven shall maintain a positive relationship with government organizations, the public, and with other Dagorhir groups.
1.3. Haven shall operate as a non-profit entity.
1.3.1 All proceeds from events and related sources shall be used for the furtherance of the chapter or of Dagorhir as a whole.
1.3.2. All official positions shall be on a completely unpaid volunteer
basis. Proceeds from running events and related sources shall never be used for personal profit.
1.4. Haven shall follow the Dagorhir Gaming Rules System in its entirety, without deletion or alteration, for all events and activities.
1.4.1. Haven reserves the right to make additions to the basic tenets of the Dagorhir Gaming Rules System as long as they do not decrease the safety of combat.
1.5. Haven shall elect officers through fair and equitable means.
1.5.1. More positions may be created and staffed as the needs of the chapter dictate.
1.7. Haven shall hold Dagorhir events and/or activities an average of at least once per month.
1.7.1. Events and activities may be, but are not limited to: battles, tournaments, feasts, seminars, practices in garb, ect.
1.7.2. Event and activity fees shall be kept reasonable and are subject to the approval of DBGA.
1.8. Haven shall keep all chapter events and activities open for participation of the entire membership of the chapter and of Dagorhir and to new members interested in joining.
1.9. Haven shall treat all members equally and fairy, without regard to race, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, color, creed, religion, disability, or age. Any restrictions instituted for safety and/or reduction of liability must be fair and nondiscriminatory.
1.10. Haven shall maintain accurate financial, attendance, and membership records. These records shall be at all times open for review by any chapter member, DBGA officers, or appropriate governmental entities upon request.
1.11. Haven shall promote itself exclusively as a Dagorhir organization, including any websites and all published material, regardless of members’ participation in other activities.

2.1. Haven, its officers, members, and alumni accept neither liability nor responsibility for the actions of, or any injury to, any member, officer, spectator, or bystander of the Chapter.
2.2. The Chapter recognizes and takes responsibility to notify all its members and participants that Dagorhir is a full-contact sport equivalent to football, ice hockey, or martial arts, and is played out of doors under conditions of unpredictable terrain and/or weather.
2.3. The Chapter warrants that it is formed and managed under its own recognizance, and its members participate in the Dagorhir Gaming System by choice.
2.4. The Chapter is responsible for maintaining valid liability waivers for all event attendees and members. The Chapter is also responsible for ensuring that all equipment is inspected and certified for safety at every event, and that events are conducted in such a manner which prevents liability for use of event sites or other property.

3.1. Citizen
3.1.1. A citizen must make an active effort to participate in realm functions, events, and activities. To be considered active, one must attend at least ⅓ of realm functions as defined by each province.
3.1.2. A citizen must have a standard realm tabard or belt flag in addition to any other Dagorhir-legal garb.
3.1.3. A citizen must have a vocation.
3.1.4. A citizen must pay an annual membership fee of $5.00.
3.1.5. A citizen must swear in as a citizen and swear fealty to the realm.
3.2. Rights of a Citizen
3.2.1. Right to vote. All citizens have the same voting power regardless of rank or status.
3.2.2. Right to attend and make proposals at meetings.
3.2.3. Right to wear realm emblem.
3.2.4. Right to start a unit.
3.2.5. Right to attain rank.
3.2.6. Right to have multiple vocations.
3.2.7. Right to become a retainer.

4.1. Scout: Focuses on recruiting new members and encourages others to do the same.
4.2. Moderator: Moderates one or more of the chapter forums.
4.3. Weapons Checker: Checks weapons and shields to ensure they meet all safety specifications.
4.4. Bard: Sings, tells stories, or recites poetry for entertainment. May also chronicle events and activities of the realm.
4.4.1. All submissions must be approved by a regional officer.
4.4.2. Ranks are Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master.
4.5. Herald: Referees battles and events. Handles garb and armor check.
4.6. Tailor/Seamstress: Crafts garb, belt flags, banners, and weapon covers primarily for the realm. Also helps to provide loaner garb.
4.6.1. Ranks are Apprentice, Journeyman, Master.
4.7. Armorer/Ferris: Crafts and repairs armor.
4.7.1. Ranks are Apprentice, Journeyman, Master.
4.8. Weaponsmith: Crafts and repairs weapons. Also helps to provide loaner weapons.
4.8.1. Ranks are Apprentice, Journeyman, Master.
4.9. Scholar: Keeps organized records of the realm. These include waivers, meeting minutes, ect.
4.9.1. Documents realm activities; records in a factual manner.
4.9.2. Runs meetings as impartial meeting head.
4.9.3. In charge of counting ballots.
4.10. Cleric
4.10.1. Apprentice Ensures hydration at battles and events.
4.10.2. Journeyman Is CPR certified
4.10.3. Master Is First Aid certified, and brings a first aid kit to all realm functions
4.11. Retainer: Works for an elected official as an assistant.
4.11.1 An individual must be a retainer for 4 months before running for elected office.
4.12. Ranger/Druid: Helps ensure camping at events is done properly.
4.12.1. Apprentice Is in charge of camp cleanup and firewood appropriation.
4.12.2. Journeyman Organizes the camp setup.
4.12.3. Master Is designated “camp master” at events.
4.13. Brewer/Cook: Plans and assigns food and drink for feasts and events.
4.13.1. Ranks are Apprentice, Journeyman, Master.
4.14. Artist: May ply their trade in any non-musical or poetic trade such as painting, sculpting, jewelry, ect.
4.14.1. Ranks are Apprentice, Journeyman, Master.
4.15. Other vocations may be subject to approval by an officer of the realm.

5.1. There are three levels of officers. They are realm-level, province-level, and unit-level.
5.1.1. All officers must be at least 18 years of age.
5.1.2. All officers must have been a retainer to an officer for a minimum of four months before he/she may be appointed or elected to any official position. In the event that there has not been a previous officer to be a retainer to, a person may be appointed or elected as an officer without having to meet that requirement.
5.1.3. All officers must be citizens.
5.2. Realm-Level Officers: Realm-level officers are held responsible for the administration of the realm as a whole.
5.2.1. Realm-level officers are appointed by a ¾ approval of the Conclave, and removed from office by a ⅔ vote.
5.2.2. Realm-level officers have no term limit.
5.2.3. Administrator Notify DBGA via email of the election of, or changes to, the realm’s officers. Ensures cohesion of all branches of the realm Head of public relations with other realms and DGBA
5.2.4. Seneschal Manages administration of the realm Keeps realm records Directs realm activities and events Keeps diplomatic relations with other officers and realms Reports to Administrator
5.2.5. Webminister Moderates the realm website and forums Reports to Seneschal
5.3. Province-Level Officer: Province-level officers are responsible for the management of a province.
5.3.1. Province-level officers are elected by a province’s citizens with a vote of plurality, and removed from office with a ⅔ vote.
5.3.2. Councilor Councilors are elected by a province to represent the citizens’ interests on the Council and Conclave. A Councilor is limited to two consecutive terms, where a term is six months. Organizes the networking operations of a province; informs citizens of events and activities. Keeps records in correspondence with the Province Report, including the collection of waivers and dues. Submits the monthly Province Report at the end of each month. Helps address local issues Keeps diplomatic relations with citizens and other officers. Reports to Seneschal
5.3.3. Marshal Oversees regional events and activities as high herald Ensures a safe Dagorhir combat environment A Marshal may take on an apprentice to help with his/her duties Reports to Councilor
5.4. Unit-Level Officers: Unit-level officers are responsible for the organization and representation of a unit.
5.4.1. Unit-level officers are elected exclusively by a unit’s membership with a vote of plurality, and removed from office with a ⅔ vote.
5.4.2. Captain Captains are elected by the unit’s membership to represent them on the Council. A Captain shall abide by and enforce the bylaws of the unit and of the realm. Reports to Councilor

6.1. Conclave
6.1.1. The Conclave consists of all regional Council members.
6.1.2. The Conclave addresses realm-wide issues.
6.1.3. Conclaves are to be held annually when the majority of Councilors are able to attend. Frequently, this is to occur during inter-realm events.
6.2. Council
6.2.1. The Council consists of all regional Councilors in a province as well as all regional Captains.
6.2.2. The Council addresses regional issues.
6.2.3. The Council reviews individuals on honor.
6.2.4. Councils are to be held monthly, prior to submitting the monthly Province Report.
6.3. Legislative Procedure of the Conclave and Council
6.3.1. Proposals Proposals must be presented in clear and concise wording. A proposal to motion must be seconded. All “yea” or “nay” proposals require a majority vote.
6.3.2. Voting All votes require a majority to carry.
6.3.3. Election A nomination may only be submitted by a citizen. All elections are to be held at the same time. All elections shall be decided by a vote of plurality. All votes shall be anonymous.
6.3.4. Repeals A bylaw may be repealed with a ⅔ vote.
6.3.5. Constitutional Amendment An amendment shall require a ¾ vote of the Conclave to carry.
6.4. Representation
6.5.1. A Province’s citizens may elect a Councilor to represent them on the Council and Conclave. For every ten citizens, there may be elected one Councilor. A Province may elect their first Councilor upon reaching eight citizens.
6.5.2. A unit’s members may elect a Captain to represent them on the regional Council. For every ten members, there may be elected one Captain. A unit may elect their first Captain upon reaching eight members.
6.5. Table 1:1 Council Representation
Province Unit
Citizens Councilors Members Captains
8 - 10 1 8 - 10 1
11 - 20 2 11 - 20 2
21 - 30 3 21 - 30 3
31 - 40 4 31 - 40 4
41 - 50 5 41 - 50 5
51 - 60 6 51 - 60 6
61 - 70 7 61 - 70 7
71 - 80 8 71 - 80 8
81 - 90 9 81 - 90 9
91 - 100 10 91 - 100 10

7.1. Man-at-arms/Woman-at-arms: A Man-at-arms is a loyal fighter of the realm.
7.1.1. Must have been a citizen for one month.
7.1.2. Must be proficient in Dagorhir combat rules.
7.1.3. To continue ranking, the Man-at-arms must become apprenticed to a Knight of the order of chivalry. Those ranks are listed below as Page, Squire, and Knight.
7.2. Page: A Page is the lowest level of chivalry and the entry level rank for Knighthood.
7.2.1. A Page must first pass requirements for Man-at-arms.
7.2.2. Must be apprenticed to a Knight.
7.2.2. To continue ranking, the Page must be apprenticed to his/her Knight for a minimum of 4 months before ranking to Squire. The knight must vouch for the Page that he or she is ready to progress to the next level. The Page then must complete the Page trials. Defense Trail: The Page must defend their Knight from three attackers of Page rank or lower. The Knight may only carry a shield and the Page must kill two out of three attackers before the Knight is killed. Endurance Trial: The page must combat two Squires continuously for ten minutes within a circle of appropriate diameter and approximately thirty feet from a resurrection point. Every time the Page dies, he/she must run or jog (not walk) to the resurrection point and back (with unlimited “rez” for the ten minute duration), and upon return to the circle, the Squires are healed of all damage. If the Page kills one of the Squires, that Squire shall stand out of the circle until the Page must resurrect again or the second Squire is killed. If both Squires are killed, the Page resurrects and shall continue until the ten minute time has elapsed. If at any time the Page fails to run/jog the distance to the resurrection point or cannot complete the trial, the Page fails and must wait a minimum of one month before attempting the test again. Combat Trial: As the Endurance Trial, the Page must make a minimum of six kills against the Squires. Initiation Trial: The Page must duel and defeat a Squire within a circle of appropriate diameter. The winner of two out of three bouts will be declared the victor. The Page must be reviewed on their honor before their regional Council.
7.3. Squire: A Squire is a capable fighter of the realm, and attendant to their Knight.
7.3.1. A Squire must first meet requirements for Page.
7.3.2. To continue ranking, the Squire must be apprenticed to his/her Knight for a minimum of 4 months before ranking to Knight. The Knight must vouch for the Squire that he/she is ready to progress to the next level. Mark Trial: The Squire must duel and defeat three different Knights within a circle of appropriate diameter. The winner of two out of three bouts will be declared the victor of a duel. When the Squire wins a duel they are awarded a mark. After three marks have been awarded, the trial is complete. The Squire must be reviewed on their honor before their regional Council.
7.4. Knight/Dame: A Knight is an elite fighter of the realm and takes part in realm functions as an authority.
7.4.1. Must pass the Squire trials and be reviewed for honor.
7.4.2. Must be 16 years old to attain Knighthood.
7.4.3. A Knight may take on a maximum of four apprentices.

8.1. Members of a unit must be active citizens.
8.2. There must be a minimum of eight members for the unit to be recognized as a unit.
8.3. A person may only be member of one unit at a time.
8.4. A unit may govern itself independently as long as its laws are within the realm constitution, and is far and non-abusive to its members.
8.5. A unit is loyal to the realm and must swear fealty.
8.6. Members of a unit must organize themselves in a structured manner.
8.7. A unit shall elect a Captain to report to the regional Council.

Realm Administrator

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Iohn deMar
Realm Administrator

Posts : 641
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PostSubject: Re: Haven Constitution v1.2   Mon Jan 19, 2009 3:39 am

9.1. Provinces are regions that make up the Haven republic.
9.2. A province must have a minimum of eight active citizens to be recognized as a province, and must elect a Councilor.
9.3. Provinces shall appoint a Councilor(s) to compile and submit the monthly Province Report.
9.3.1. The Province Report shall be submitted at the end of every month to the realm Seneschal.
9.3.2. The monthly Province Report shall include the following items A list of active citizens. An attendance record for any events and/or activities held (including practices). A list of active units, their members and their Captains. Any change in rank of a citizen. An accurate record of the Province treasury of dues, and expenditures. A summary of current recruitment efforts, and any new citizens. A summary of any grievances, significant issues, or disciplinary action taken.

Realm Administrator

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Haven Constitution v1.2
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