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 Important Random Updates

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Kairi Cypmann


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PostSubject: Important Random Updates   Tue Jan 20, 2009 5:29 pm

Most of you probably received this in an e-mail, so just in case you missed it, I'm re-posting it here:


First of all, I'm sorry this took me so long to get around to posting. -.- I'm slow. I have several things to go over, so I'm sorry if this seems long-winded, but please read all of it (and reply, if you're nice, so I know you got the e-mail).

TONIGHT, January 20th, at 10:00PM, Dagorhir will be aired on a television show called Wreckreation Nation. We were hoping to get whoever is willing to come to the RC2, floor one lounge around that time to watch it together. I'm going to provide popcorn, if that's any incentive.
If nothing else, I'd like to you to reply and let me know if you think you'd be coming or not. (:

Next on the list is our practice schedule. We now (hopefully) have the ability to practice inside the Miner Rec Center when it's too cold outside. This Thursday, we're going to meet at the Puck as per usual and then head over there to test it out. If things go well, we'll probably be doing that every Thursday practice until it warms up a bit, and there's also a high likelihood we'll be changing practice from Thursday to Wednesday and possibly moving the time around. Basically, if your schedule might conflict with the changes, you should probably show up this Thursday so we can discuss it and have your input.

Another important topic is Gates of Summer. This is probably the largest near-by Dagorhir event you'll have the chance to make it to, and it'll be the first event Haven will be at as an official chapter, so the more people we can get on the field, the better our realm is going to look. Gates of Summer is April 17-19th and takes place in Holden, Missouri (which is about a 4 to a 4 1/2 hour drive towards Kansas City). It's a camping event, but we'll really only be camping two nights since everyone packs up and leaves to go home on Sunday; bringing with you a few cans of soup and some water (or alcohol, if you're of the drinking age and wish to partake in the evening revelry Dag is famous for) is really all the food you'll need. Gates generally gets roughly 200+ fighters on the field, which is an amazing experience that I really hope you all get the chance to have. We'll probably carpool and things like that as well.
If you DO plan to go, PLEASE let me know so we can have you pre-register. However many people pre-reg for the event decides how much camping space a realm gets, and since we have a fairly large realm, we'll want some space if most of us intend to go. Pre-registration is $15, and it's $20 for the weekend if you just show up and pay at the gate.
If you go, you'll want very passable weapons (Dominion, the group that's hosting the event, checks weapons very thoroughly) and you'll want at least some very basic garb. We'll worry about that more as time gets closer to the event itself, but it's something to be aware of.
If you want more details about what an event is like, what else you might need as far as camping, etc. etc., feel free to ask Ian or myself next time you see us.

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Important Random Updates
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