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 Shield Hardware

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PostSubject: Shield Hardware   Tue Jan 27, 2009 12:14 am

Lots of people have asked me about this and so I'll put it up here for everyone to take advantage of. As much as you may love to strap your shield with bolts, nuts, and washers, that method is only a third effective and I'll explain why. Shields, big or small, take a lot of abuse in dagorhir and that translates to wear and tear on hardware and strapping. Twice I've had my shield loose a nut or snap a handle strap, and after much experimentation and tears, I've found a fairly decent way to strap a shield with a minimum of cursing making repair and maintenance a breeze.

Most of you know that one popular way to strap a shield is to drill holes where you want a strap to go, and bolt a strap down with nuts and bolts. For the most part this is one good way to strap a shield.

Here are some tips that might help you and your shield be a happier killing machine! XD

---Use 1/4" bolts 1/2" long. This pretty standard. Anything larger will be excessive. Smaller, and you may have to double up.
---Use 1/4" "tee nuts" instead of standard or lock nuts with 1/4" bolts. Tee nuts resemble small washers attached to a cylinder threaded on the inside. On the underside of the nut are tiny teeth. When the tee nut is hammered into face of the shield (this is important) the teeth dig into the wood (is your shield wood cored?) and ensure the piece doesn't spin or rotate. Tee nuts also do not protrude obnoxiously from the face of the shield, making it easier to apply the first layer of foam on the shield face.
---Light leather or heavy nylon straps work wonderfully for hand straps.
---Be sure to leave a little bit of extra room for forearm padding. This will be most kind on the knuckles.
---Use more than one bolt per strap. Four bolts securing one strap is ideal.
---Leave some slack on the forearm strap. This will allow you to maneuver better than if your forearm were plastered to the shield core by the forearm strap.
---When marking the holes for strapping your shield, angling your hold at a 45 degree will make your shoulders thankful for the weight distribution.
---If you are right-handed, strap your shield more to the right side of your shield than the left. This will help to defend against wrap shots from the left. If you are a leftie, switch it up.

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Shield Hardware
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