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 Only the tears from his saddened eyes flow as freely as the blood from his dying enemies.

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PostSubject: Only the tears from his saddened eyes flow as freely as the blood from his dying enemies.   Sat Feb 21, 2009 12:17 am

Name: Constantine Amaranthus Lisandro
Race: Human
Height: 5’7”
Weight: ~145 lbs.
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Hazel

Constantine is the child of a mercenary, Constantine Amaranthus, and a poor woman, Jillian Lisandro. When Constantine was young, his father left for a war and never returned. It was never determined if he had been killed or if he simply left. In any case, Jillian named her child after her lost love, hoping that one day her son might become as strong and noble as she believed his father to be. For most of Constantine’s youth, he had to resort to petty thievery and begging to get food for himself and his mother. He became light on his feet this way, for running from the city guards was no easy task. However, one day he was caught and forced into slavery on a merchant ship. The forceful separation from his mother and the hard labor and punishment made him very bitter, and he held a great deal of resentment within him for a long time. But one day, while his ship was docked in an eastern country, he was able to escape. He ran far into the interior of the country, finding a small village where he could take refuge. Constantine spent several years in this village, learning the culture of the land. This is also where he learned his skills in combat. Over time, he adopted the spiritual philosophy of the land, and his bitterness fled. He began to feel a sense of tranquility. Unfortunately the village was attacked, and Constantine felt no other choice than to fight in its defense, for the safety of its people. Many innocent people died, and the sight of the carnage made Constantine realize how much turmoil and hatred the world contained. He decided he would travel the world, doing whatever he could to protect the innocent and bring the wicked to a just demise. But he found that with each life he took, though it be wicked, he felt a dark stain grow on his soul. In his travels he stumbled across Haven, and though inspired by its ultimately peaceful and accepting nature, he found that he couldn’t end his journey yet, for even Haven had its battles to fight. As he continues his mission, his sins grow heavy on his conscience, and he hopes that one day he can finally set down his sword and live the rest of his days in peace.
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Only the tears from his saddened eyes flow as freely as the blood from his dying enemies.
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