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 War Stories

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PostSubject: War Stories   Sat Feb 21, 2009 5:19 pm

War-bred stallions rest in stables,
Weary warriors encircle tables,
Telling tales of deaths and glories.
It was a night of many stories.

Yet for all the glory of the battle.
Oh how mighty hearts did rattle
When the Demon King flashed his grin
And called the war cry of his kin.

Knees trembled and faces blanched,
But every soldier held his stance,
Knuckles white on hilt of sword,
As they awaited the demon horde.

Arrows flew through stormy skies,
And scenes of death met those eyes
That gazed upon this gloomy scape
A shroud of sorrow, indeed, did drape

Across this ravaged, war-torn land
Where conflict ended and began
In a bloody cycle, centuries old,
Remembered only in the stories told

Round these cozy tavern tables
When the night turns darkest sable.
As the candles burn quite low,
These tales recounted in their glow.
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Kairi Cypmann


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PostSubject: Re: War Stories   Sun Feb 22, 2009 1:28 am

Wow. I somehow forget from time to time how talented you are until I reread some of these.
You should write another soon. (:

I am because I need to be.

Kairi the Claymore
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War Stories
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