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 Possible Ranking challenges:

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PostSubject: Possible Ranking challenges:   Tue Feb 24, 2009 5:58 am

I came up with these as challenges for ranking. Let me know what you think.

Some notes: By "cite" I mean name a name. If Kairi passes your greatclub that you made for "soldiery", just put her name down. She doesn't need to verify by posting or messaging anything anywhere or to anyone, but you should check with whoever first to make sure they're OK that you put their name down.

Apprentice (Weaponsmith): “Soldiery”

Build one of the following weapon sets:
-Two matching Blue Swords/Maces/Flails
-Double-bladed Red sword
-Any polearm or a single-bladed red sword and a sidearm or a shield
-Any Red/Green polearm
-A shield of passable dimensions and any of the following:
--Sword/Flail/Mace (Blue or Blue/green)
--Shortspear (Green, one-handed)
--A Red weapon short and light enough to be easily and comfortably wielded in one hand
-Any other “weapon set” that you would actually use in a combat that you were trying to win. Single-blue is acceptable if the blue is of exceptional quality (it doesn't need to be a masterpiece, just good enough to be used alone). These sets will be judged on an individual basis, but don’t let that discourage you. If you fight with a single blue katana, there’s nothing wrong with that. Other weapon sets may be subject to scrutiny and/or glares of disapproval. Apologies beforehand.

To qualify as having passed this challenge, you will need to cite multiple guildmembers as verifying that your weapons/shields are both safe and reasonably well put together, or alternatively cite a weapons checker as passing them as safe and a guildmember as approving of their quality.

They should have decent, well-fitting covers, handles showing more than bare core, and at least straight-ish foam cuts. Basically, they shouldn’t be described as “ugly” or “sloppy”. They should pass weapons check at multiple practices.

Weapons for this requirement don't need to be purpose-built, but they must still exist and be in passable shape in order to qualify you as having completed this challenge.

Apprentice (Weaponsmith): “Tooth and Nail”
Construct a Red weapon, a Blue weapon, a Green weapon, a Yellow weapon, and a White weapon. The weapons should pass at weapons check. The Red or the blue may count as the green weapon if they pass as both types at weapons check after 4 practices worth of constant use. 2 arrows count as a yellow, as does a single javelin.

To qualify as having completed this challenge, you will need to post that you’ve completed each weapon, as well as which weapons checker passed each weapon (in case of dispute… this shouldn’t be an issue)

Weapons for this requirement don't need to be purpose-built, but they must still exist and be in passable shape in order to qualify you as having completed this challenge.

Apprentice (Weaponsmith): “Blademind”
Complete an approved test of every line of the Manual of Arms Weapons and Shields section with a score of 100%.

To qualify as having completed this challenge, you will need to pass the test as administered orally by another guildmember. Any guildmember administering the test must pass it beforehand and understand every question , so as to be a resource for the test taker. During the test, cheating shall be punishable by severe beatings with safely padded weaponry, followed by flogging with a wet noodle. A challeng-ee may take the test multiple times, as often as the tester is willing to administer it.

Journeyman (Weaponsmith): “Bladehand”
Construct an amount of gear for the purpose of providing loaner gear for new/ ill-equipped/blade-breakage-befallen members.
Weapons totaling 6 points:
Blue = 1 point
Shield= 2 for very small bucklers (forearm cover), 3 for average size (torso cover), 4 for tower shields (neck to knee or lower cover)
Red = 2 points
Spear/long green = 2 points
Red/Green = 3 points
Shortspear (2-4 foot green-only) = 1 point
Dagger (short, single-handed green) = 1/2 point

These weapons should be purpose-built (the idea being that, in assessing the quality of these brand-new pieces, we can get a good idea of what types of weapons you can consistently craft).

Emphasis should be placed on durability and safety. They need not be exceptionally well balanced or visually attractive, but a loaner weapon should be expected to pass without question of safety for a year or so. Any aspects that are maintenance-intensive (thin covers, stabbing tips for blues or reds) should be avoided.

If a weapon created to fulfill this requirement should fail before the year is up, the smith should promptly (within 2 weeks) repair it. If repairs prove impossible, or are frequently required, the weapon shall not count towards the point total.

Shields of ambiguous dimension shall be considered to be the smaller of whichever two categories they may realistically fit into, unless compelling argument (read: bribes) are presented to the contrary.

To qualify as meeting these requirements, the smith must provide a brief description of the designs/materials used and cite multiple weapons checkers as having passed the weapons over a sufficient time period. The weapons don't need to be donated to the realm (though that would be nice), but use of a "loaner" weapon should not be refused to anyone unless the crafter/owner fears for the safety of either a participant or the weapons themselves. The intent of this requirement is that these weapons should be used often, and not by someone who has a vested interest in them not breaking, as a true test of their durability. They may be sold or otherwise removed from the posession of the smith, however, responsibility for their upkeep shall remain that of the smith.
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PostSubject: Re: Possible Ranking challenges:   Tue Feb 24, 2009 8:37 am

"Blademind" okay Svip seriously noone will EVER EVER be able to get 100% on a test that tests over every line in the MOA.. just throwing that out there

and i think that "tooth and nail" should get bumped up to J-man, seeing as it's more difficult to make greens and yellows..and seriously forget the white, i can go buy a dam foam softball and it would pass as a dam rock,
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PostSubject: Re: Possible Ranking challenges:   Tue Feb 24, 2009 9:09 am

@ Tyr: As for your comments to "Blademind", I respectfully disagree. There aren't that many lines in the MoA, plus you don't have to quote them all, you just have to answer questions, plus you can take the test as many times as you like. Plus you should know every line of the MoA or have a copy with you before you make or check any weapon. Plus you can take the test as many times as you like. Same questions each time. As many times as you like.

And to your commentary to "Tooth and Nail", actually I thought this one would be easier than "Soldiery", I mean, they don't have to be of any particularly high quality. Plus in the ranking thread it seems to me that it's been pretty well accepted that an apprentice should know how to craft a passable Blue, Green, Red and White. This challenge seems to be a pretty straightforward test of that quality. And as far as yellows, they seem daunting but they don't need to be. I don't know what the situation in BS is now, but I remember when I was practicing back home we never had enough arrows for more than maybe one archer, and I only remember a couple javvies ever being on the field. There's no reason for that, yellows aren't that hard to make.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your opinion, but I considered both of those arguments before I posted these challenges, and valid as they are, I still think the level for each of these challenges is appropriate. Of course, if the majority disagrees with me, I'll change my tune.
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PostSubject: Re: Possible Ranking challenges:   Tue Feb 24, 2009 6:29 pm

Yeah, getting 100% on an MoA test should really be mandatory. I mean seriously, weapons that adhere to 85% of the rules are still going to fail. Every weapon has to follow every rule, so every weaponsmith should KNOW every rule. And really, it shouldn't be hard the second or third time. The MoA is incredibly short and simple compared to the stuff we all have to study every day in class.
And as far as yellow and green weapons are concerned, a standard nerf ball makes a great green tip on most anything, and there are plenty of easy javvie designs out there as well.

Rome has a great tutorial you can look at if needing to make javvies.
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PostSubject: Re: Possible Ranking challenges:   

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Possible Ranking challenges:
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