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 Apprentice Challenge: Tooth and Nail

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PostSubject: Apprentice Challenge: Tooth and Nail   Tue Mar 03, 2009 2:49 am

Apprentice (Weaponsmith): “Tooth and Nail”

To be completed on or before: Whenever

To be completed by: Anyone needing an apprentice level Challenge to rank.


Construct a Red weapon, a Blue weapon, a Green weapon, a Yellow weapon, and a White weapon. The weapons should pass at weapons check. The Red or the blue may count as the green weapon if they pass as both types at weapons check after 4 practices worth of constant use. 2 arrows count as a yellow, as does a single javelin.

To qualify as having completed this challenge, you will need to post that you’ve completed each weapon, as well as which weapons checker passed each weapon (in case of dispute… this shouldn’t be an issue). You can fulfill each part of this requirement gradually, I.E. if you have a red and a green that pass right now, you can post those weapons. Later, when your red fails but you've got shiny new yellows, a white, and a blue, you can use them to complete the challenge even though your red doesn't pass anymore.

Weapons for this requirement don't need to be purpose-built, but they must still exist and be in passable shape in order to qualify you as having completed this challenge.
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Apprentice Challenge: Tooth and Nail
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