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 List of Officials

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PostSubject: List of Officials   Wed Aug 27, 2008 1:07 am

These are your officials:

Kairi Cypman (Cortney) - Seneschal
Madea (Jevon) - Councilor of Blue Springs Province
Iohn de Mar (Ian) - Realm Leader
Turin (Jaremiah) - Practice Leader
Sandra (Cassandra) - Webmistress

Seneschal: manages the administration of the realm, documenting and dissemination of information, directs activities, and makes interpretations of and clarifications to the policies.

Councilor: interfaces with the people, passes legislation at a provincial level, and addresses the issues of the people. Gets one vote in Council or Conclave activities. Reviews ranking and other activities.

Realm Leader: signs the chapter contract with Dagorhir Battlegames. Ensures cohesion of all branches of the realm. Abuses dictatorial powers to the dismay of citizens everywhere.

Practice Leader: oversees weekly practices and acts as high herald. Keeps combat flowing and provides fun and exciting battle scenarios, ect.

Webmistress: moderates and upkeeps the website and forums
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List of Officials
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