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 Ranking System

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PostSubject: Ranking System   Wed Aug 27, 2008 1:19 am

This is as I know it to be. If this is wrong I would love if someone would tell me what it really is. Or better yet the mods can change it themselves. If they don't know, no one does. But I just thought I'd post this up there for everyone to read.
1. Man-at-arms/Woman-at-arms:
--A loyal fighter of the realm, for the realm. Knowing all the rules and being able to perform safely in combat.
May attain rank after:
i.) Becoming a citizen.
Citizen requirements:
1) Makes an effort to participate.
2) Must have realm garb
3) Must have a vocation
4) Must pay $5.00 dues
5) Must swear fealty to realm.

ii.) Being a part of the realm for one month and attending 30% of realm functions (ie: practices, meetings, feasts).
2. Page:
--Entry level rank for knighthood. A page must be apprenticed to a knight for a minimum of 4 months before attaining the rank of squire, and mst have attained all four marks in a series of trials.
Trail 1.) The Defense Trial. The page must defend his/her knight from 3 attackers of a rank equal or lower to theirs (ie: page or man-at-arms). The goal is for the page to kill 2 of the 3 attackers before they kill the knight (or the page). The knight may move around and avoid attack, but he/she will be unarmed. There is no time-limit to the trial.
Trial 2.)The Endurance Trial. The page must duel 2 squires in a continuous resurrection battle for 10 minutes. A res-point will be set up 30 feet away from the dueling circle. Each time the page dies, he/she must run to the res-point and back. The page must also run to the res-point and back if he/she kills both squires. When one squire dies, he/she must wait until the other squire either dies or kills the page and may reenter combat once the page returns from resurrecting. All participant's wounds are healed each time the page returns from the res-point. After 10 minutes are up, the page receives a mark and the trial is passed.
Trial 3.) The Skill in Combat Trial. This trial is identical to the previous one except that the page must make six kills in 10 minutes.
Trial 4.) The page must defeat a squire in a ranking duel to obtain their 4th and final mark.
After all four marks are attained, the council must review them for honor. A mark may only be tried for at ranking practices, which are held once a month. A page may only gain one mark per month.
3. Squire:
--A squire must be apprenticed to a knight as a squire for 4 months minimum before attempting to mark for knighthood. The knight must vouch for the squire that he/she is ready to progress to the next level. The squire must attain 3 marks to become a knight. Marks are earned when a squire defeats a knight in a ranking duel. These ranking duesl will only occur four times a year around these times/events:
i.) Vernal Equinox - End of March (Gates of Summer)
ii.) Summer Solstice - End of June (Ragnarok)
iii.) Autumn Equinox - End of September (War of the Iron Fists)
iv.) Winter Solstice - End of December (Christmas break)
After all three marks are attained, the council must review the squire for honor.
4. Knight/Dame:
--A knight is an elite fighter of the realm, and takes part in realm functions as an authority. May take on pages and must actively work and train with them. Must be 16 years of age minimum to attain knighthood.
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Ranking System
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