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PostSubject: Ranking   Wed Oct 21, 2009 4:15 pm

-Join the unit.

-Have Garb in the Haven colors. Wear your garb to at least one practice a month. Have a large shield with the haven symbol on it (and a passing blue weapon), or a polearm of at least 8ft.
-Pass at least two combat or endurance trials
-March onto the field with us at an event.
-Serve two hours Guard duty at an event. (Volunteer at least two total hours of your time helping the event staff, or guarding the dry camps at night and helping courtesy patrol)

-Have enough Garb to loan to others. Continue to wear your garb to at least one practice per month. Have enough weapons and gear to loan to others at events you attend. (bring them to an event, they must pass weapons check)
-Pass at least two combat or endurance trials each semester.
-March and serve Guard duty at at least three events.

-Pass all requirements of a Stalwart
-Run at least one foamsmithing or garb-making program or session each semester.
-Pass all combat and endurance trials.
-Attend at least three more events, March and serve Guard duty at each of them.
-Receive the approval of all active members. (Even the recruits, be nice to the new people)
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