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 Teh Celebration

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PostSubject: Teh Celebration   Sun Jul 04, 2010 2:52 pm

Tyr knelt apon the gound, magic roared in the sky, great displays shining bright in the heavens. Tyr spoke a prayer under his breath. Praise be those that keep us free, let us not forget those that wont be with us again, but let us savor this peace we are in. Let us celebrate this freedom we share. For it is our right to be free, from those that want tyrany. I live in this land an help those who protect it. Let us never fail to protect those we care for nor fail to keep the freedom for this land. now; Let us celebrate this grand day and celebrate the freedom we have. Tyr stood up and looked into the brightly lit sky, at the explosions and cacophony of lights that illuminated the sky.
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Teh Celebration
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