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 New beginings

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PostSubject: New beginings   Fri May 13, 2011 12:06 am

He awoke suddenly,layin,in,his cot at a lone wilderness tavern, it had been just a few weeks since his "birth", or at least thats the best word he could come up with for it. He was expelled from Tyr's body, the demon an angelic blood were costantly at odds, so in a disperate attrmpt to rid the body of its demonic pressence it expelled it using all the power it had, thus he had been "born" he was however only half demon.

He stood at 5'10" light brown hair, green eyes. His whole birth however was caused by Tyr's former master, he had cast a spell on him, making his blood fight for dominence. In the end he was created an Tyr was left just a mere human. That is when they made there move, they sprang on Tyr, turning him once again, his former master an his guards. As they lay,there waiting for it was one of the guards who had turned him for his former master was to pridful to do it himself, he had laid there watching, but it had infuriated him, Tyr was practicly his brother, his family.

He raised him arm he longed to,stop them but didnt have much strength, his arm turned black an red runes.appeared, fire errupted from hand, engulfing the guard turning him to ash. The others realized his pressence an sprang on him, he couldnt put up much of a fight but magic seemed to flow through him, it made a slight barrior but it wasing goin to hold long.

Just as it seemed like he would parish the air in the room dropped suddenly, then Tyr was there, throwing the vampires about like ragdolls, they fled as fast as they could, there master had abadoned them the moment he saw Tyr rise.

Tyr stood over him, looking down. " its alright, they hath left for now, it seems thath the angelic blood used wat little it had left to return me to the strength I doth had before; now What is your name"

" I am Jac.... Jac Kio“
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New beginings
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