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 A Plangite pro Bellum (A Lament for War)

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Jagun the Butcher

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PostSubject: A Plangite pro Bellum (A Lament for War)   Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:50 pm

Sors salutis
Fate opposes me
et virtutis
in vitality
michi nunc contraria,
and morality,
est affectus
forced ever onward
et defectus
semper in angaria.
always in shackles.

Hac in hora
So this very moment
sine mora
without tarrying,
corde pulsum tangite;
pluck the quivering strings.
quod per sortum
Because Fate
sternit fortem,
punishes the one who plays,
mecum omnes plangite!
all lament with me!

Hail to all who returned veterans of War. I alas could not.
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A Plangite pro Bellum (A Lament for War)
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