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 Tyr the history

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PostSubject: Tyr the history   Tue Sep 16, 2008 4:59 pm

Okay here we go my back story is this, Tyrannus was born many hundreds of years ago, in a town of no signifigant importance.

When he was but a we little boy his family was attacked all were killed cept Tyrannus who was turned into a vampire, he then became a loyal servant of his master, one of the lupis clan known for being able to turn into wolves rather than bats, for many years spreading terror in the name of his master.

After many years of hearing of legedary warriors in the east called samurai's.He told Tyrannus to seek out these warriors, become one of them and learn there ways of fighting so that i might know the secret fighting ability.

So Tyrannus traveled to the land of the east,. There he trained and became a samurai, learning there code of Bushido, learning there fighting style. After many years Tyrannus finally returned to his master.

Apon his return his master challenged Tyrannus to a dual. Believing that the samurai's ability was exxagerated he told Tyrannus to hold nothing back and if possible slay his master in this dual. Moments after the begining of the dual Tyrannus slayed his master with great ease. Apon victory, Tyrannus was released from the power that his former master held over him. He was free.

He traveled the world learning the ways to fight of other lands,giving up the way of the samurai, disguising himself as a differn't person each time. He became a merchant in some small town for a while till he grew bored with it or his vampirness became known.

For 100 years Tyrannus defended a small village at the base of a mountain from troll and orc in his wolf form, he was known then and lupis the protector. He rarly ever goes into his wolf form, though he likes being a member of the wolf clan it never really helps him in any special way.

After hundreds of years Tyrannus changed his name to Tyr in an attempt to put his past behind him, though somehow his past still finds him and people will still address him as Tyrannus. His current "profession" is that of a bandit, However after such a long time being alone Tyr sometimes forgets he is a vampire and has a case of tempory lapse of knowledge and claims to be a demon or some such thing with magical powers but these lapses are indeed very brief lasting no more than a day..

Tyr thinks that his new life as a bandit would be a good change of pace and maybe allow him to practice some of his fighting styles..
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Tyr the history
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