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 ARMA(Association for Renaisance Martial Arts)

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PostSubject: ARMA(Association for Renaisance Martial Arts)   Mon Sep 29, 2008 1:08 pm


This is a group dedicated to learning and recreating fighting styles as developed by european masters. It has some interesting information on it that can help make everyone a better fighter. There are a lot of articles and essays that are entertaing and full of useful information as well. Feel free to check it out.

oh yeah the weapons they have on the sight wont pass as dag weapons since they are made with a narrow blade and use metal as part of the core material. They are designed to more accuratly resemble historical sword for contact sparring amoung there organization. they hit a bit hard and dont meet dagohir required dimensions
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ARMA(Association for Renaisance Martial Arts)
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