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 Javvie Smithing Tips

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PostSubject: Javvie Smithing Tips   Javvie Smithing Tips Icon_minitimeMon Feb 16, 2009 7:58 am

Because so many people here in Rolla province have been having a tough time trying to get their javvies to pass, here's something to help you guys out.

Keep in mind that the first thing you want to do when you make a javvie is to check the rules on 'em: max weight 1.5 lbs, 4-7 ft. in length, may not flex more than 90 deg., must have yellow cover, must be padded along entire length.

Some good cores you should use: 1/2" PVC(Not CPVC, this flexes too much), 1/2" fiberglass. Now, think about what a javvie does in combat. You throw it. So, what is the best route to go on length? Minimum. A 4 ft. javvie will fly better than a 7 ft. javvie. If you don't think so, I can show you at the next practice. Keep in mind that you want a javvie, not a spear, so anything over 5 ft. is pushing it.

Because javvies have a max weight, there is a right and wrong way to make 'em. The easiest way to cut down on weight is to make a 4 ft. core as opposed to a 7 ft. core. Less core means less weight, and the core is what will add the most weight. Also, don't add anymore foam than you need. I've seen a lot of javvie heads that have too much padding near the head. Remember, you only need enough foam to stabilize the opencell on the end. The more foam you add, the more weight, the harder it'll hit, the more likely it will fail.

So, you have a core and you know what to do with it. Great. Now you need to know how to do it. Start with the head. Cut a strip of blue foam long enough to wrap around the core and only about 2" wide, Dap it and wrap it. Now think about the force of a 1/2" core pushing against x3 1/2" of blue foam plus open cell(its a lot of force). Securely tape a penny onto the tip of the javvie(if you're using solid fiberglass forget this step). Now Dap a foam disk on the end. To keep the core from punching through the foam, you might want to think about putting a high-density "gym mat" foam disc between the core and the following applications of closed and open cell. Repeat until you have two layers on the side and 2 layers on the face of the javvie. Afterward, you'll have a cylindrical "tip" on the end of a 4 ft. javvie core. Theoretically you only need about 3 layers of 1/2" closed cell on the javvie tip before the opencell, so go with that. Just Dap a 3rd disc on.

Now, when I say opencell in regards to javvies, I mean GOOD opencell. Sorry to burst any bubbles, but if you want a quality javvie you need quality opencell. Lucky for you, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. A great resource for cheap but quality opencell is http://www.canalrubber.com/high-density-gray-foam.html. You'll want it by the square foot in the 3" thickness (you'll notice for only about $6.20 you can get enough for 16 arrow or javvie heads).

As for padding the shaft, don't skimp by slapping on some pipe insulation and calling it good. Pipe insulation is good for two things: insulating pipes and making quick and mildly crappy shaft padding. But you don't want a quick and crappy javvie, so sacrifice the time to use at least blue foam. When you pad the shaft, start at the head and wrap blue foam in strips down the shaft in a spiral. You can cut the strips however wide you want, but 2-4" is fine. Wrap all the way to the end of the core.

The only thing left to do is add a pommel and cover the head. Finishing the head is actually a little trickier than just gluing on the block of opencell, but its a bit more difficult to explain in just a few sentences so come to a foamsmithing session at Angus' sometime to get some help.

TLDR: http://www.dagorhir.com/forums/index.php?topic=5563.0

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Javvie Smithing Tips
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