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 Allo? Ello!!

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Allo? Ello!! Empty
PostSubject: Allo? Ello!!   Allo? Ello!! Icon_minitimeMon Aug 18, 2008 5:05 am

Man, I forgot how much I hate newb threads like these.
Intros suck.
But we all should do them anyways. ^_^

Hi, I'm Sandra. Though my name will probably be different before War of the Iron Fist. Because I'm not a big fan of keeping Sandra as my Dag name forever.

Currently I'm making my character, so...not a lot to say about that. If you wanna know, I guess I can tell you what I have so far, but it's literally nothing.

At practice I typically use a Red Sword. Made by Kairi, re-pommeled by Svipdag. Thanks guys, keep being amazing.
I just made myself a blue, eventually I want to branch out and use lots of different weapons instead of my red always. So I'm learning foamsmithing.

My vocations are Seamstress and Webmistress. I think I'm a retainer too, but I don't know if I ever really told Kairi I wanted to be one. So who knows.

but yeah.
I'm also very wordy. Hence my long posts. ^__^

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Allo? Ello!!
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