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 Duties of the Realm Officers

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Iohn deMar
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PostSubject: Duties of the Realm Officers   Mon Sep 08, 2008 1:30 am

Duties of the Officers of the Realm

I Realm Administrator

1) Signs contract with DGBA
2) Ensures cohesion of all branches of the realm
3) Head public relations with other realms and DGBA

II Seneschal
Reports to Realm Leader

1) Manages administration of the realm
2) Documents realm records
3) Disseminates realm news and announcements
4) Directs realm events and activities
5) Makes clarifications to realm policy
6) Keep diplomatic relations with other officers and realms

III Forum Administrator
Reports to Seneschal

1) Moderates and administers the realm website and forums with fairness and impartiality

IV Councilor
Reports to Seneschal

1) Submit a monthly Province Report in a timely manner
2) Organize the networking operation of a province; inform citizens of province events and activities
3) Keep records in correspondence with the Province Report
4) Address local issues; bring forth non-confidential subjects before the populace
5) Collect waivers and dues
6) Keep diplomatic relations with citizens and other realm officers

V Marshal
Reports to Councilor

1) Oversees weekly practices
2) Acts as high herald
3) Keeps combat flowing
4) Provides fun and exciting battle scenarios
5) Ensures a safe combat environment

VI Captain
Reports to Councilor

1) Lead a unit as its representative to the council
2) Abide by and enforce all realm laws pertaining to units
3) Encourage recruitment efforts

VII Lieutenant
Reports to Marshal

1) Aide the Marshal in their duties
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Duties of the Realm Officers
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